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Voters in Cogan House Township may cast their ballots at the Cogan House Community Church social hall at 3779 Cogan House Road. Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

When Are Elections Held?

A list of elections can be accessed at the Lycoming County Courthouse web site at or by calling Voter Services at 570-327-2267.

  1. The General Election is held in even-numbered years, on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November.
  2. The Municipal Election is held in odd-numbered years on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November.
  3. The Primary Election in each even-numbered year is called the General Primary and is held on the third Tuesday of May, except in Presidential years when it is held on the fourth Tuesday of April.
  4. The Primary Election in each odd-numbered year is called the Municipal Primary and is held on the third Tuesday of May.
  5. Justices of the Supreme Court, Judges of Superior and Commonwealth Courts, Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, Judges of Community Courts, District Justices in Magisterial Districts, constables and all county, municipal, school district and election district officers are elected on at a Municipal Election.

Electors for President and Vice President of the United States, United States Senators, Representatives in Congress, the Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Auditor General, State Treasurer, Attorney General and Senators and Representatives in the General Assembly are elected only at a General Election.

Who is on Cogan House Township’s Election Board?

  • Judge of Elections: Sandra Irion
  • Majority Inspector: Jessica Johnson
  • Minority Inspector: Debra Lowe
  • Clerks: Leda Clark, Kelby Rockwell, Gregory Carpenter
  • Constable: Janice Livermore

What are Election Boards?

All primaries and elections are conducted by a district election board consisting of a judge of election, a majority inspector and a minority inspector of election, assisted by clerks and machine inspectors in certain cases. The judge and inspectors of elections are elected by the electors at the municipal election and hold office for a term of four years from the first Monday of January next succeeding their election. The person receiving the highest number of votes for inspector is elected the majority inspector with the second highest number of votes determining the minority inspector.

A Constable is present during each election and while the votes are being counted for the purpose of preserving the peace. All are paid positions.

Volunteer positions called “watchers” are also present on election day. Each candidate at a primary or election may appoint two watchers that are allowed to stand outside the polling place and hand out information on their candidate. Watchers must be qualified registered electors of the County in which they are authorized to act.

How Do I Register to Vote?

Registering to vote is easy and simple. A voter registration application may be picked up at Voter Services in the Lycoming County Courthouse at 48 West Third St. Williamsport, PA. By calling Voter Services at 570-327-2267 a registration form can be requested by mail. A comprehensive web site is also maintained by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at Here you can click on voter information and find answers to most voter questions. It is also possible to print off a voter registration application through this site.

How Do I Know Who Is Running For Office?

Prior to an election the best place to find out who is running for office and what their qualifications are is to contact the voter registration office at the Lycoming County Courthouse and watch for articles in the local and state-wide newspapers.

How Do I Get My Name on the Ballot?

Call the Voter Services number and request a petition which can be filled out to put a specific name on the ballot.

Do You Know these Interesting Voting Facts?

“Procedure for Voting” – At primaries only those persons registered and enrolled in one of the established political parties are entitled to vote for candidates. However, any registered voter, regardless of party enrollment, is entitled to vote for any special question to be voted on at any primary election. At municipal or general elections, the elector my vote for candidates individually, or he may vote a straight political party ticket in one operation.

At the polling place on the day of election, each voter who desires shall be instructed in the operation of the voting device before he enters the voting booth. If any voter shall ask for additional instructions concerning the manner of voting after entering the voting booth, any election officer may give him audible instructions without entering such booth.

“Provisional Ballot Voting Procedure” – At all elections an individual who claims to be properly registered and eligible to vote at the election district but whose name does not appear on the general register and whose registration cannot be determined by the inspectors of election or the county election board shall be permitted to cast a provisional ballot. Individuals who are voting for the first time at the election district shall be required to produce identification.

“Rules and Regulations” – Not more than twice as many electors waiting to vote as there are voting compartments or voting machines in use in the district, shall be admitted within the enclosed place at any one time. This does not include persons who are rendering assistance.

No elector shall remain in the voting compartment or voting machine booth an unreasonable length of time, and in no event for more than three minutes. If he shall refuse to leave after said period he shall be removed by the election officers. Provided, however, that they may grant him a longer time if other electors are not waiting to vote. At municipal or general elections, the elector may vote for candidates individually, or he may vote a straight political party ticket in one operation

“Those who do not vote abandon their right to choose, as well as their right to complain.”


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