Zoning Permit Information

Residents in need of a zoning permit have several options.

Download here:  Zoning Permit Lyc County

Pick up at Township Building during office hours

Pick up directly from the Lycoming Zoning Office 

After getting your zoning permit approved, you must get a building permit. If you did not get a building permit application when you picked up your zoning permit, you can get your building permit from:


Codes Inspection, Inc
State Route 54
Montgomery, PA  17752
570-547-0488  Phone
570-547-0481  Fax

This is a link to their website with all the information and downloadable  forms.                                               


All zoning applications are sent to the codes inspection company and if you do not contact them for a building permit the inspection company will contact you. If you begin construction without the building permit, there will be a fine. You will need inspections for the following:

  • Any out building over 1000 square feet.
  • Any out building under 1000 square feet with electric.
  • Any deck 30 inches off the ground.
  • Any deck or porch with a roof.
  • Farm buildings with electricity or any processing plant (such as milk, etc).
  • ALL commercial buildings, and ALL new construction of homes.
  • All swimming pools are now subject to the uniform construction codes.

Some buildings are not subject to the uniformed construction codes. Agriculture buildings are exempt providing they meet the following definition: Agricultural Building; a structure utilized to store farm implements, hay, feed, grain, or other agricultural or horticultural products or to house poultry, livestock, or other farm animals, and milk house. This term includes a carriage house owned and used by members of a recognized religious sect for the purposes of housing horses and storing buggies. The term shall not include habitable space or spaces in which agricultural products are processed, treated, or packaged and shall not be construed to mean a place of occupancy by the general public.

All recreational cabins requesting exemption from the Uniform Construction Codes must meet the following criteria:

Recreational Cabin–Definition–Must meet all criteria

  1. Utilized principally for recreation activity.
  2. Not utilized as a domicile or residence for any individual for any period of time.
  3. Not utilized for commercial purposes (not a rental).
  4. Not greater than 2 stories in height, excluding basement.
  5. Not utilized by the owner or any other person as a place of employment.
  6. Not a mailing address for bills and correspondence.
  7. Not listed as an individual’s place of residence on a tax return, driver’s license, car registration, or voter registration.

Additionally, the cabin owner must comply with all of the following:

  1. Equip the cabin with at least on smoke detector, one fire extinguiser and one cabon monixide detector in both the kitchen and any sleeping areas.
  2. File (with the municipality where the cabin will be constructed) either of the following:
    1. The Department of Labor and Industry affidavit form (UCC-13) attesting to the fact that the structure meets the definition of a recreational cabin (above).
    2. Written proof of insurance from an insurer authorized to do business in the Commonwealth of PA stating that the structure meets the definition of a recreational cabin (above).
    3. Provide written notice in the sales agreement and the deed, upon sale of a recreational cabin which has been excluded from UCC construction requirements, that
      1. The structure is exempt from the requirements of the UCC.
      2. The structure may no be in conformance with the UCC.
      3. The structure was not subject to municipal construction regulations.

A failure to provide this notice shall void the sale, at the option of the purchaser.

SEWAGE PERMIT APPLICATION INFORMATION: Anyone building a new home or cabin must apply for a sewage permit. Robert Bertin is the township’s Sewage Enforcement Officer. You can contact him by phone at 570-998-2859 or in writing to Robert Bertin, 991 Route 184 Highway, Trout Run, PA 17771. Also, if you are building an addition to your present home, you must contact Bob to insure your existing septic system is adequate for the addition.

DRIVEWAY PERMIT: If you are constructing a new residence that has no driveway access, you must apply for a driveway permit. You can obtain a permit from the township office if the driveway is accessing a township road. Please call 570-634-3185. If your driveway is accessing a state road you must contact Steve Tokarz at PENNDOT at 570-368-4277 for your permit

Lycoming County’s website at www.lyco.org gives specific details on the county’s zoning ordinance. Also available there is information on the various departments within the county from Assessments to Zoning. For further questions about planning, building and zoning you may contact the Lycoming County Courthouse at 327-2200 and they will direct your call.