Township Facilities

Township recreation area and grounds

Township Complex Facilities
The meeting room at the township headquarters building and the recreation area and picnic pavilion adjacent to the building may be reserved for private use.

Availability – The picnic pavilion, volley ball court, and athletic field will be available to groups or individuals daily from dawn to dusk on a first come, first served basis.

Application – These areas may be reserved by groups of individuals by submitting a written application with the township secretary not less than two weeks prior to a regularly scheduled month meeting of the board of supervisors. A $25.00 fee paid by check made out to Cogan House Township must accompany the application. The fee will cover the cost of utilities and custodial expenses. Properly submitted applications will be approved at the discretion of the board of supervisors. Applicants will be informed as to the disposition of each application within 24 hours of the board’s decision.

Pavillion Rental Form


Usage – All users of the recreations facilities and grounds must abide by the rules posted at the site:

  1. No pets.
  2. Removal of picnic tables is prohibited.
  3. Firearms or archery equipment is prohibited,
  4. Unnecessary noise or disturbances are prohibited.
  5. Open fires are prohibited.
  6. Charcoal stoves and gas grills are allowed.
  7. Washing at the water outlet except for hand washing is prohibited.
  8. Unlicensed vehicles or operators are prohibited.
  9. Non-licensed vehicles, including snowmobiles, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles are strictly forbidden.
  10. Users must remove all trash.
  11. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

Liability – Users of the recreational facilities will be held liable for damage, theft, vandalism, or other destruction of property.