Fire Companies

Cogan House Township is served by two fire companies. Liberty Volunteer Fire Company, based in Liberty and covers the Eastern part of the township while the Morris Volunteer Fire Company, based in the village of Morris, is responsible for the area from White Pine United Methodist Church west to Route 287 Highway.

Nine years ago a substation of the Morris Company was established at the township building, 4609 Route 184 Highway. Currently, there are both fire and rescue emergency vehicles housed there. Many local residents are members of Morris Company and can respond quickly to fires or accidents in the area. Trained emergency medical technicians, first responders and firefighters give their time and talent to secure a safe environment for township residents. By having a local substation available the insurance rates of homeowners is reduced.

In the past, funds to support these emergency services came from the township’s general fund. However, recently a fire tax was implemented to compensate these fire companies for their services.

For specific information about local fire and emergency services within the township contact the Board of Supervisors at 634-3185; Morris Volunteer Fire Chief, Dean Kreger at 353-2031.

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