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 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Please Note: The minutes of the current month's meeting will not appear on the web site until they are approved by the Board of Supervisors at the following month's meeting.  Copies of disbursements and receipts are available at each monthly meeting.  The annual meeting to set budget items for the coming year is open to the public.  The web site will carry only 6 months of meeting minutes.  Copies of months previous to those published here may be obtained at the township office during regular business hours.


collapse Year : 2017 ‎(7)
November 8, 2017 Meeting Minutes.rtf
November 8, 2017 Meeting Minutes
12/8/201745 KB
September 5, 2017 meeting minutes.rtf
September 5, 2017 meeting minutes
11/27/201749 KB
October 3, 2017 Meeting Minutes.rtf
October 3, 2017 Meeting Minutes
11/27/201747 KB
Minutes Budget Meeting Octrober 21 ,2017.docx
Minutes Budget Meeting Octrober 21 ,2017
11/27/201726 KB
July 5, 2017 Meeting Minutes.rtf
July 5, 2017 Meeting Minutes
9/27/201746 KB
August 1, 2017 meeting minutes.rtf
August 1, 2017 meeting minutes
9/27/201753 KB
June 6, 2017 Meeting Minutes.rtf
June 6, 2017 Meeting Minutes
7/7/201746 KB